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Wizard for making Wizard.

In the context of the project Wizard, I created an Wizard for the creation of Wizard.


To send the Wizard builder, made:

wish - F assist2.tcl # NOMBREECRAN

Then will appear two screens:

  1. This first screen is the image of the Wizard whom you want to create.

  2. This one is limps it with tool to add elements to your wizard.

If you double click on the title then will show the following screen:

You will be able consequently to change the text of the title.

(do not use detruire the widget for the title, thank you) One can proceed of same with the description, and the other elements added (except the list: (.

For example if you create a label, a checkbutton, and a entry, then you will have like result:

And if you double-click on the label, one limps of dialogue will enable you to modify the text, or to destroy the element.

You can thus configure most of the interface for a screen given. The buttons précedent and following allows you to navigate in the screens. All the modifications are preserved during the change of screen; you can then create all your screens. When that the result satisfies you, to press on the button Sortie Tcl-Tk: Then one limps of dialogue will apparaitra.

Choose the name of your new wizard, and the source code in tcl-tk will be registered there.

Be carefull, in the source there are two file.tcl source

Once backed up (in the same repertory that fassist.tcl and fassist2.tcl), made:

wish - F nomassistant.tcl

I place this source under Licence GNU (LPG).

Download the source

I thank for his support and his assistance Philippe chassany

Address gana Tcl-Tk, the sior Philippe the address of the Tcl-Tk contribution

Copyright Charles vidal 05.1998