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Wizard that helps creating wizards
In the context of the Wizard project, I wrote a wizard that helps me to create new wizards.


1. Project starts at the begining of 1998,
2. Add an output via a file selection box,
3. Add a scale,
4. Add an input for file path selection,
5. Last update on May 21, 1998.


You can  launch the wizard with :
 wish - F assist2.tcl #SCREEN_NUMBER

where #SCREEN_NUMBER is the number of screen contained in the wizard, this is optional (default value = 3).

Then two screens will pop-up :


  1. The first screen is an image of the wizard under construction.
  1. The second one is a toolbox that allow you to add some elements to your wizard.

When you double-clic on the title, the following screen appears :


 and, then, you will be able to change title's text.

 (do not use 'destroy widget' for the title, thank you)

One can proceed the same with the description, and the other elements added (except the list: (.

For example, if you create a label, a checkbutton, and an entry, then you will have such a result:


And if you double-clic on the label, one dialogbox will allow you to modify the text, or to destroy the element.


Thus, you can configure most of the interface for a given screen. The buttons previous and next allows you to navigate in the screens. All the modifications are preserved when you change the screen; this allows you to create all your screens.

When you are satisfied by the result, just press the button 'Sortie Tcl-Tk' and a new dialogbox will appear so you can  give a name for your wizard and the tcl-tk code will then be write for you.

Please, note that the tcl-tk code of your wizard (say nomassistant.tcl) need two extra files in order to be used :

Once your wizard saved (in the same directory than fassist.tcl and fassist2.tcl), simply use :
 wish - F nomassistant.tcl

to launch your wizard.

This source is placed under GNU General Public Licence

Download the source

I thank for his support and his assistance Philippe Chassany

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thank's to Vincent Barré for tranlation
Copyright Charles Vidal 05.1998